How To Select The Best Employees Time Tracking Software

Many organisations feel that there is a high demand to increase the accuracy or efficiency of the company’s operations. This can be achieved easily using the employee time tracking software. This is a wonderful software that can be useful for both managers as well as employees and they can monitor employee’s activities. In a workplace, it can be used to track the time spent by an employee in each task and for how long he/she stays at the job by calculating their working hours. The time thus calculated electronically will be used for further processes like performance and productivity analysis. The entire productivity of field employees can be tracked and easily managed. The employee time tracking software allows the managers legally to track the number of active hours spent on work and the idle hours. Tracking the billable and non billable hours and maintaining invoices is easy with this employee tracking software. With this software, managers can avoid fake invoices. It is of great use to financial advisors, field services and home delivery providing companies. Tips to select the best employee time tracking software:

  1. What is your organisation’s requirement?

Several options are available in the market for employee tracking, Even if you find employee time tracking software that is the best software/product of technology, you will first have to make sure that the software is actually right for you or not. Whether it fulfil all your company requirements and are your employees ready to use it. The implementation of the software will affect your all major business activities, so involving key managers or team leaders in the decision making is a wise step. The main thing to be checked first is that the software needs to be employee-friendly i.e. employees can access it without any hassle. Look at all the features it will provide when considering employee time tracking software. There can be some features that your organisation may not need currently but you may require those in future as and when your business grows.

  1. Does that software give a trial or demo?

Always choose or look for a software that comes with demo and trial usage service offer. The demo is a great opportunity for you and your team to judge whether it is an easy or difficult system to use. In case if there is no demo available for an employee time tracking software then you may want to keep looking. Moreover, it is necessary that you use the demo version of the software in the same way as you would use the actual product. Also, keep in mind about the security of your data. A complete and thorough demo will give you a fair idea of the employee tracking software, its features, its capabilities, and how it can add value to your business and how it will improve your employee’s performance.

  1. How is the after-sales support or customer support?

Software demos are usually impressive but do not get carried away by those. Ask all the relevant questions be it about their ability to give bespoke features or customer support for buyers. Follow the detailed information on trial usage. Customer support is especially necessary if you and your employees are shifting from manual to an automated process for the first time. Always try to use the web-based software because you will stay technologically updated by investing in a web-based employee time tracking software that operates in the cloud. A web-based employee time tracking software will be 24/7 accessible to you and your staff through a PC and internet connection and also you can access it from anywhere and from any device. is an employee tracking software which provides all the facilities required for your organisation. It provides employee location tracking, service scheduling, client management and order management. It also provides digital catalog feature where you can add, delete or edit your products. It will save your time and money to spend on brochures, magazines etc. It is giving 1-month free trial offer and has different plans for all large/small scale companies at affordable prices.

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