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What are the Main Pro’s & Con’s of Employee Location Tracking Software

Today, the number of smartphone users’ is increasing day by day across the world as so many facilities like screen touch, camera, flashlight, browsing, video call, location tracking etc are available in a single handheld device. Location tracking service is available on almost every smartphone. With the help of mobile phone, the real-time location tracking app is developed for organizations to monitor their employees’ activities and their performance. The employee location tracking software applications are cloud based and everything will be done online. The user can access it from anywhere and no need to install. Some software is not cloud based and they can be installed on your computer system, android phones, iPhones, blackberry and many other OS-enabled devices. As a manager, you can track the real-time location where the employee is and for what time he stays at the workplace.

Pros of Employee location tracking software-

  1. The manager can track the employee and can monitor all his activities, what the employee is doing, he has reached the required destination (client place or any other place) at scheduled place and time or not.
  2. As an employer or home delivery providing company, you can give the complete details about the product’s exact location to be delivered to the clients. And also it is useful for field service based companies, where you can monitor an employee who is assigned with a task to be provided to clients at the particular location, with the employee location tracking software.
  3. The field employees can get the client’s location by route, map on the location tracking software, which saves the time and money.
  4. The location tracking software saves the money spent on unwanted things like mobile bills, magazines, brochures etc. It makes communication easier and faster, no need to make calls to assign the task or for any other query. Simply you can assign task using software and if employee has any query they can comment on that task. It provides the digital product catalog feature where you can add, delete or edit your product list.
  5. It reduces the workload of managers for paperwork, where employee login and logout time will be calculated automatically through the employee management software.
    With employee tracking, management can notify all the employees with a message to come to a scheduled meeting.
  6. The employee tracking software is not only used to track the employee location but also used for many other tasks like payment processing, client handling, invoice submission.

Cons of Employee Location Tracking App-

  1. The biggest problem from the tracking software for employees is that it gets an access to employees’ personal life activities also. Generally, employees do not want to be monitored by the management. Employees always have fear in mind that their personal works or details may be scanned by others. So, the management needs to assure the employees that they would not monitor them after the working hours. The managers need to give complete details to their field employees that what benefits the employees and business can get from this software implementation.
  2. The employee GPS location tracking software is getting very common and popular with companies because when they have an employee tracking software, employee management or delivering the product to the customers becomes very easy and it saves the time of the company as well as increase the productivity and efficiency.

Privacy commissioners in the administrative sector have supported the employee location tracking software for the purpose of the person’s safety, improving growth productivity and efficiency. is employee location tracking software which does not violate employee personal life. Employees can update them on/off job status. It does not track location when the status is off the job. Time is also get recorded with the location.

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