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What is Employee Monitoring Software and How it is Useful?

In today’s world, many business holders and managers are facing a common dilemma: how to make sure their employees are not misusing the resources and they are working honestly during working hours. If you have these same concerns, you may have considered one of the many employee monitoring software applications are available from various software manufacturers. Much of this software is designed to track your employees’ Internet usage – which sites they’re visiting, how much time they’re spending on each site, etc. While there’s no doubt that these products do what they’re advertised to do, the question still remains: is employee monitoring software right for your business?

Now it is possible to keep track of what your employees are doing in your workplace and on their computer systems with employee monitoring software. This software keeps a record of each and every activity that is performed on your employees. It is the method to manage office staff easily but how will you manage field staff? They cannot carry computer system with them. The other option is the phone call, but with this, you will always remain in doubt that whether the employee is telling truth or not.

If you have ever thought or wondered why your company or business would need employee monitoring software. Statistically, about 33% of your field employees are doing nothing at all during the working hours. Nothing at all means they are not doing their work. Instead of doing their job, they may be surfing the net, doing their personal work, playing games or may be chatting with their friends. As a manager, you cannot go to field daily to monitor employee activities or to track their working hours. Maargah.biz is an employee monitoring software which is used for managing field employees. The manager can handle all employee and client details from their system or from their mobile phone.

It is a cloud-based software, everything will be done online and no need to download or install. Mobile applications are available for employees. Field employee can update their on/off job status, submit their report or invoices, complaints and manage orders. Employee monitoring software will help you to get a handle and control each activity of field employees and can stop if they are doing their work incorrectly. Aside from that fact, you can assign the task to your employees’ with software and you do not need to make calls.

Once you implement a field management software, you will be in the loop as far as every activity that your employees perform will be under control. The only thing that you are supposed to do is tell your employee one time when he starts in a job with you, that you will be doing such monitoring activities and it will track his real-time location only in working hours. After that, if they are not ready for this or they stray from company policy, you can terminate them without further explanation.

Maargah.biz tracks employee location and record their all visited locations during the working hours without violating their personal life. It also records their working hours and the time they spend in the workplace. It is legal to track or monitor employee activities but only during the working hours. It is beneficial for both employees and employers as it increases the productivity and profit of the company. It saves the time, money and energy of managers. Maargah is giving 1-month free trial offer and also provide assurance of your data security and privacy.

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